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Skyfly were formed over 5 years ago and were one of the original drone operators in the UK being in the first 300 companies awarded a Permission for Commercial Operation from the CAA. This has enabled us to jump ahead of the competition as we have many more hours under our belt than the majority of other drone operators. This has also enabled us to fine tune our systems and aircraft.

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Drone Hire

Hiring a drone with Skyfly make is an easy process. Get in touch using our contact form and give a brief description of your requirements.


We have worked across the world with some of the largest companies in the world.


Our drone hire service comes with £10 million public liability insurance as standard.

The sky is not the limit…

Although we have a ceiling height of 400ft we prefer lower altitude filming. It takes a lot more skill to operate at this altitude but enables us to capture dynamic shots adding great production value. Utilising the latest technology gives us specialist features such as circling points of interest using GPS technology at a constant height and speed to get the perfect shot!

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Having just moved to much larger premises we wanted to show off the scale of our new distribution centre. Skyfly produced a stunning quality aerial video to go with our new UK marketing campaign

George TaylorLogistics Manager

Are you looking to hire a drone for your latest project. Skyfly offer a wide range of drones and payloads to offer a variety of services including drone surveying, drone filming and drone photography. We have worked with a number of different companies in a variety of different sectors including, utilities, construction, facilities management, TV and Film.

We have a variety of different aircraft and camera systems. Our heavy lift drones can carry a variety of different cameras, sensors up to Red Epics and Alexa Minis. They also can carry a variety of thermal and multispectral sensors for our drone surveying applications. Our fixed wing drones are specifically used for large area surveys.

Our main operating ground is in London and we have developed a fantastic track record operating drones in congested areas and city centres which has pushed us to the front of the market. We operate with a 15m OSC on our aircraft which allows us to operate in the majority of locations.