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“I’ve used the team on a

number of productions and

have always been very happy”

Alisdair Livingstone – BBF

Skyfly’s skill set does not only include practical surveying applications. Our team has roots in TV and Film having worked with some of the largest production companies in the UK. We also offer full production services from concept to completion with experience producing content from scratch. Our drones are capable of flying cameras from the DJI X7 to the Alexa Mini so you can be sure to receive a high level of quality.

Just some of our recent clients…

Oakford Homes

HD Marketing

Comer Homes Group


Private Developer

MC Rental

SRC Aggregates


We strive to be leaders in the drone industry, our level of customer service and work ethic speaks for itself.


Our public liability insurance is £10 million as standard however this can be increased if required upon request.

Quick Deployment

With multiple teams in the UK we can work towards tights deadlines and have projects turned around at a short notice.

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Why choose Skyfly?

Just some our benefits…
Night Flying

Skyfly not only have an OSC, but we also have a permission granted from the CAA to film at night. This enables you to operate 24/7. We are required to recce the site during daylight hour however.

Indoor Flying

Our pilots are able to fly our drones inside buildings, warehouses and large pipelines if required. The skill and concentration involved is a testament to the quality of our equipment and pilots.

Aerial Filming

With a range of drones available we can cater for almost any camera and lens combination. Our heavy lift Vulcan Raven has a payload of up to 8kg.

Flight Time

We appreciate the importance of time when aerial filming hence we have invested in a large number of batteries to keep the camera rolling. Our drones flight time now has increased to around 26 minutes per flight for multi-rotors and up to 1 hour for our fixed with platforms.

Camera Flexibility

Not every shoot is the same, we offer our clients a range of drone platforms to carry cameras such as the Sony A7 or ARRI ALEXA Mini with a variety of lens combinations.

Live Broadcast

We utilise the Amimon Connex system providing broadcastable HD streaming (up to 1080p/i) with less than 1Ms latency from as far as 500m.

Recently used the team from Skyfly for the first time on a video project which required aerial filming footage. We found the whole team to be very approachable and a great asset to our own video team on the project. The team consisting of one pilot, one cameraman were extremely professional in their delivery of the aerial filming, bringing ideas and recommendations to enhance the video storyboard we supplied.

Si RootThe Hideout

We pride ourselves in finding new and innovative ways to capture and process our drone data. We are constantly updating the equipment and systems to ensure we as a drone operator, are providing our clients with the best possible service. Drones as a surveying tool are extremely effective and efficient in comparison to traditional surveying techniques. This is why Skyfly is constantly challenging existing suppliers and competing with them and winning big contracts.

Our operating limitations are set depending on the job required. We can operate with our standard permissions which are set to 30m at take-off and 50m during flight, or we can utilise our operating safety case which allows us to reduce those distances to 15m at take-off. This reduced distance is because we have proven to the CAA that we can operate safely from these distances and we have input the procedures to operate our drone safely with this extraordinary license.