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“The drone service has been first class. It provides a unique perspective of the construction site.” 

Andy Cross – Balfour Beatty

Skyfly are a Drone Aerial Filming, Aerial Surveying and Mapping company based in Kent, South of London.We operate across the UK & Europe using the latest technology to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones as they are more commonly known, to collect aerial imagery and data. We are fully licensed by the CAA to operate commercially across a variety of industries. Our expertise lie in the construction and surveying sector however we also have experience in the film and TV industry.

Just some of our recent clients…


We use a wide range of aerial platforms and sensors to provide you with actionable drone data and footage.


From progress reports to promotional videos, our team of drone pilots, camera operators and video editors will ensure you are provided with a quality output.


We have multiple teams located across the UK with standardised equipment to deliver high quality images for your drone project.

Why choose Skyfly?

Just some our benefits…
Sensor Flexibility

We have a wide range of sensors for a variety of different applications. If you require standard photo survey or promotional images, we can provide you with both large DSLR platforms and zoom cameras. If you require a thermal drone survey, we have a number of thermal sensors that we can use on our aircraft.

Special Operating License

Skyfly have a special operating safety case (OSC) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which enables us to operate in congested areas within 10m of any person, vessel or vehicle not in our control. This has been awarded as we are able to prove how we can operate safely with these reduced distances.

Multiple Teams

We have the capacity to undertake large contracts with a large number of pilots based across the country ready to be dispatched. This also enables us to remain cost competitive across the UK. We are also deployable across Europe and beyond. License requirements vary for each country.

Drone Technology

Using state of the art software and our fully programmable fixed wing drones, we are able to accurately scan and map areas of several square kilometres with ease. This can be done with little setup time and fast turnaround from data collection to data processing.


We have worked in a variety of different locations, climates and countries working with some of the largest companies in the world. Our experience enables us to overcome challenges and barriers that enable us to come up with new and innovate solutions to our clients problems.

Processing and Data Outputs

Skyfly use state of the art photogrammetric, GIS and 3D CAD software to form centimetre accurate computer models of the topography. All our data is exportable into almost any 3D CAD software as we have standardised all our outputs to fall in line with existing data.

Get in touch – 0203 776 1030

Vulcan Raven

Heavylift platform – Up to 8KG payload

Inspire 2

4K – 6K Raw broadcast quality sensor – quick deployment

Gremsy H16

Advanced 3-axis stabilisation – designed for aerial work

Sony FS7

4K Super 35mm sensor – up to 150fps

Panasonic GH4

Compact 4K sensor – interchangeable lenses

Connex HD

Full HD transmission – SDI output for broadcast

Professional Standard

Skyfly Video has invested heavily in our drones, but also our license and is proud to have received a 15m OSC from the CAA which enables us to fly closer to buildings and people in congested areas.


We carry a worldwide £10 million public liability insurance policy to ensure we are covered for every eventuality. If you are looking to supply your own payload we can provide comprehensive insurance cover.

Risk Assessment

Prior to and upon arriving at location our drone team’s will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of your crew, observers and the general public.

It was fantastic working with Skyfly, it was refreshing how committed, professional they were, and of course how impressed we were with the footage captured


Skyfly Video is a leading, drone surveying, drone filming and drone photography company in the UK. We are mobile across the UK and Europe working on a variety of different projects. To learn more about what we’ve done, see our projects.

We have a variety of different aircraft and camera systems. Our heavy lift drones can carry a variety of different cameras, sensors up to Red Epics and Alexa Minis. They also can carry a variety of thermal and multispectral sensors for our drone surveying applications. Our fixed wing drones are specifically used for large area surveys.

Our main operating ground is in London and we have developed a fantastic track record operating drones in congested areas and city centres which has pushed us to the front of the market. We operate with a 15m OSC on our aircraft which allows us to operate in the majority of locations.